Sunday, July 8, 2007

My next project

I'm still working on my orange sweater I'm almost done with the front and I'll start on the sleeves sometime this week.

I wanted to knit this jacket next using this yarn color 170, but I'm having trouble with my gauge swatch, I keep getting mixed up in my last row. So I've decided this cardigan using this yarn color 208, I already have the pattern and the wool is on it's way and I should receive it sometime this week, it's very easy to knit and hopefully the color I chose will look pretty when knitted-up.

This week I'll also have to make a decision regarding my old cat (he's almost 15), his kidneys are failing, he's also losing weight and I'm pretty sure he's showing early signs of Alzheimer's. That's one decision that will be REALLY hard for me to make but it has to be done. The vet is unable to tell me if he's suffering at the moment but one thing for sure he's not getting better.

Here's a nice picture of him:

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marjorie said...

When you swatch for the Sarah James sweater, follow the directions exactly. The last rows are the "bind off triangles". On the actual bindoff, do it very loosely to avoid pulling.

But I still cannot imagine how anyone can use the needles recommended and get the specified gauge.

Your alternative cardigan is very nice though, and that would give you a feel for the yarn without worrying about entrelac.

It is too bad about your cat. It is such a hard decision.