Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Secret of the Stole, clue 2

I'm finally done with clue 2! It took me a while I had to frog back a few times. Luckily I'm using a lifeline and I move it up every 5-6 rows, that has been a big help for sure!
This and the Bee Field stole are my first lace projects and I have to say it's getting easier and easier to follow the patterns, had I know lace knitting was this easy I would've started years ago!

I've also done work on my cardigan, I started the first sleeve and I'm about 1/3 of the way up. I haven't had time to work on my Bee Field stole, but I'm hoping to be caught up with my Secret of the Stole by this weekend and then I'll be able to do some work on it.

The weather has been just gorgeous around here, I really like it, it's been sunny and unusually warm in this part of the country, a lot of the leaves are still green although some trees have lost most of theirs, really weird to say the least.


HDW said...

Frogging is such a bummer, but you will be so happy you did it. I am doing an Aran sweater right now, and looked back and there was an error in the middle cabled work, it is a 14 stitch cable and in one of them I zigged when I shoulda zagged, I asked around and everyone said to leave it they didn't notice it......I hemmed and hawed, and kept knitting and then one night when I couldn't sleep I peeled that section out and re did it the right way, and now that I am almost finished the front of the sweater I am so glad I did! I never would have been happy! Your stole is beautiful as I already said, and thnak you for the comment on my blog, but it is hard not to wonder whay we deserve this, especially with 3 liitle kids in the house.

Brenda said...

I love the color of your stole! The green is so vibrant. I dropped by after figuring out how to get to your blog from the comment from mine. Happy Knitting!

Mz Mar said...

You go, girl ~~working on two lace projects at the same time!!
I can't bring myself to try even one!!
Good luck, have fun!!