Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clue 2 done and some pictures

I've done clue 2 of the Mystery Stole 4,
I don't think my pictures does it justice.

The pictures below are from the Labor Day weekend,
while Andy was doing some work around the house

I was sitting on the porch working on a yellow baby blanket,
it's a crochet one so it's really easy and relaxing,
the good thing about it is you can stop and start anytime
since there is no complicated pattern to it.
Only in Ontario will a person sit on the porch
on a really hot summer day crocheting and drinking a hot coffee!

As I've mentioned in one of my previous posts
I'm going for a breast reduction on November 5,
it's only 50 days away as of today, it's really coming on fast now!
I'm a bit apprehensive, I know that part of my back problems
is my handicap on the left side and my breast size
and that it's the best thing to do to help my back and my overall health.
It's just the thought of what will be done, blah! From what I've read and
heard from other women it's THE thing to do for back problems,
the first few days are hell but then it gets better and the end result
is totally worth it, I sure hope so!


knititch said...

looks like at great place to chill out. looking forward to seeing your progress on saint b.

Mandy said...

I had a breast reduction when I was 21. That was 18 years ago. They took off 5 pounds to make me a C cup. It was a great choice that I've never regretted.

I was not aware at the time about depression after surgery and all that and was so upset and crying about not having boobs anymore. (I was strapped down like a girl trying to be a boy.) But once I was healed, and could buy a bra off of any rack ;) , I stopped being upset and started to enjoy my "new" boobs.

Renée C said...

Hi Sylvie! I followed you here from the comment you made on my blog. I like your MS4 colors. Very nice. Isn't it fun? Praying your surgery will go well.

Silk said...

Silkspinner here... forgot to mention in my email to you that the pain in my neck and back were gone in less than a week.... cut my meds in half...keep in touch...i haven't bought a new bra yet, but i was a 44 DD, and should have been a bigger size but that was all i could buy in our little town....hope you got my email...

N. Maria said...

I'll be thinking about you during your down time in Nov. Take your time and take good care! All will be well, like you said, after a few days.