Friday, July 3, 2009

I can't believe it's been this long since I last posted!!!

I've been SO busy that I've neglected my blog. My granddaughter was born on March 10, 2009, her name is Olivia, isn't she the cutest baby you've ever seen!
here she is as a newborn getting ready to go home from the hospital,
wearing the same outfit to go home that her dad wore 27 years ago.

and now. She's the cutest baby! and when she smiles it lights up her whole face, she's such a joy!

I'll be posting more pictures as she grows that's for sure!

We've also bought a house in town,

we'll be moving back in the city after 30 years of living in the country, that's going to be quite the change for us! There is a lot of work to be done to it, it hasn't been updated and it was quite dirty inside. We took possession on April 17, so it's not even 3 months yet and we're already painting! all the flooring has been chosen, light fixtures bought (most of them) today we received the casings and baseboards.

All of this has kept me busy. which is why I haven't been blogging. Needless to say I haven't had much time to knit, I've knitted a 5-hour sweater for Olivia, a scarf for my daughter Cindy who turned 30 this year, I also sewed a little jacket for Olivia and pj's for my husband Andy,
I'm hoping to start knitting and sewing again soon.


Lisa said...

Congrats on your new grandaughter! She is beautiful!

- Lisa

micheline said...

That's true. She is really beautiful. I hope you can now enjoy your new home

N. Maria said...

Oh, my, she IS adorable! Please post more pictures of her and of your projects knitted and sewn!
It's good to be back.......

Silk said...

Was wondering how you were feeling after your has been a year for me, and i feel great... should have done it years ago... congrats on new grandbaby... sheila

FugueStateKnits said...

She's beautiful! What a blessing!
Best of luck with your new home:)

Peggy said...

Wow, haven't posted since July 09, you've been as busy as me!!!!!