Thursday, August 23, 2007

Partly finished sweaters

I've been busy today, I'm finally done with the front of my orange sweater!
Tomorrow I'll start on the sleeves, I usually do both at the same time, but this time I'll try them one at a time see if it's faster. Since they're short sleeves it should go pretty fast but with me you never know, I wear my name well, I really tend to procrastinate!

I also had the chance to finish the back of my cardigan,

I'll start the left front sometime this weekend.I really like the colorway of this yarn, it really goes nice with my jeans.

I like to have a couple or three projects that way I can knit on whatever project I feel like working on at the time.

I can't wait to receive my Honey Fields stole kit! I even ordered a set of Addi Lace knitting needles especially for that project, I really want to give it my best shot!

And last but not least a nice picture of my calico cat, Sammy. This is her favorite chair of all.

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kat said...

i know what you mean by it beingnice to have a couple projects going. i always like to have a one big one & a few small ones.