Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look what came in the mail!!!

I finally received my yarn for the Honey Bee stole!!!
Just look how pretty it is! What I have to do now is take that hank of yarn and somehow!? turn it into a ball of yarn. Easier said than done I bet!

I've also had time to do another swatch for "Secret of the Stole",
this time I added beads. On the right side you can see
some green beads (barely) and on the left side you can see clear beads.
They both look nice, but I think I prefer the green ones.
That's if I decide to use some in my stole!

Now that I'm done with my swatches I'll have to get back to my orange sweater, all I have to do now is put it together and to start on the right front of my cardigan.


HDW said...

I like the green ones too! I am in the KAL too and saw your e-mail so figured I would post here!! Beautiful!

Mary Lynn said...

I would definitely go with the green beads. I did the same thing with mine . . . swatched with the two different beads to see which one was better.

stitchin' girl said...

I like the green ones also! Your Bee Fields is going to be beautiful in that color. I am in the same boat as you -- I have my yarn for the bee fields, but I still need to wind it up -- no small feat :o)

Vykky said...

Beautiful Sylvie! I adore the emerald color and yes, the green beads are just lovely with that shade. Your stole is going to be gorgeous!

kat said...

do you have a ball winder? They aren't that expensive & make life so easy

EricaLynn said...

Ooh, pretty-I can't wait to see your bee shawl! I don't have a ball winder, and it took me over an hour to wind my yarn!!