Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Trouble already!

I'm already having trouble! Here's a couple of pictures.

I'm in the first part of the shawl, the beehive section.

Hopefully I can explain this right. The biggest problem I have is when I have to knit a stitch that was a yarn over on the previous row, how do I knit a stitch like that? it usually seems to be that that stitch is purled, which is easy.

It doesn't turn out right I can tell by looking at the picture and looking at my work.

I also seem to lose a stitch somewhere at either beginning, I count and check and recheck but the stitch disappears!


Cindy said...

ugh! sorry you're having problems so early! I've worked yarn overs before, all I can suggest is to pick it up the opposite way then you have been...but I'm so not an expert. I hope someone can give you much better advice...can you post on the KAL site?

Nice colour though, goes well with the word 'abeille'!! ;)

LUL said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Seems like you have plenty of projects going on with the bee shawl as well as the SotS (oh well, I have three lace shawl going on right now).
Wish I could help you out. Are you sure you are doing the yarn overs the right way?

Knitcrazy said...
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Knitcrazy said...

Love the yarn you are using and the color is so pretty..
Hope you figured out the problem..
I made a mistake in my first post so I deleted it :)


Vykky said...

They always do seem to look odd and feel awkward when I'm doing them too. But the more experienced Gals at Secret of the Stole are (slowly and painfully?) teaching me to "read" my work better. Gosh, I'm so slow now but it's working - I'm seeing things before too late! (Well, sometimes anyway-LOL)