Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Finished my stole!

My first finished project of the year! This is my first lace project and my first KAL,
I really enjoyed it. I'll be blocking my stole sometime this week. I'll post pictures of that and of the stole after that's all done.

I found it amazing that women from all over the world participated in this project and all the different colors that was chosen for the stole.
We found out on Saturday that the name of the stole is "Guinevere". If you would like to purchase the pattern you can do so here.

As a matter of fact I enjoyed it so much that I joined "Secret of the Stole II" which will be starting January 1. For this KAL, I've chosen a pink Zephyr yarn.

And I also joined "Spring Shawl Surprise" which also starts January 1. For this one I'm undecided on the yarn, it's either the copper or the blue you see below.

I've knitted a swatch for that KAL using
the same yarn as I used for my stole,
I just wanted to see what it looked like.

Nice pattern isn't it?


kat said...

quite an interesting project only knowing what you are going to do a piece at a time. It looks lovely done

Gertieanne said...

Hi Sylvie,

Thank you for the comment the other day. Yours is just as beautiful.