Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh, no!!!

This is what happened to me today, I was knitting along just fine on my Spring Shawl Surprice, working on row 67 and I get a little more than halfway through the row and what do I see about 3 rows down?

Check it out,

My lifeline was on row 66, I really don't know what happened, so I took a chance and frogged back about 7 rows and I'm really trying hard to pick-up all the stitches, at last count I had one missing, still trying to figure out where. I'll continue looking for it tomorrow and if I can't find it I'll just fudge it.

This is SO frustrating! I'm behind too, Clue 3 came out on Tuesday and here it is Thursday night. aaarrrgh! I was hoping to be caught up by now because the other KAL, Secret of the Stole ii, comes out on Friday.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

We can be behind together. :)

Cat said...

I'm behind with you sweetie!!! I found a mistake on the first k3tog row and dang if I can't get my needle inside them to tink back. Also having a heck of a time with the k3 in back loop. I'm way behind you.


Cathy said...

The Spring Shawl Surprise is a toughie!! It's so beautiful, though. I'm in the same juggle the same two knitalongs. Sorry to see dropped stitches.

Best of luck,