Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some knitting pictures

I worked on clue 2 of the Rose Garden KAL and

on clue 2 of the Secret of Bad Nauheim,

I'm behind by a couple clues on the blue blankie and I'm caught up with the other one. I will probably work on the blanket all weekend.

I'm thinking of maybe looking for a part-time job, Andy is going back to work on April 18 and I have the feeling I'll have way too much time on my hands! there's only so much knitting a person can do, isn't there?

Not much else to report, no weight loss (or gain).


Peggy said...

Knitting looks great. And, girl!!!! are you crazy? Is there life without knitting? You can never knit enough or too much.

Ivy Reisner said...

Only so much knitting? I don't understand. Is the stash running out?

Love the lace. It looks great.