Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blue blankie clue 3

Not much to report today, I just finished clue 3 of the blue blankie, I had help from my "Nouilles" when I took a picture.

I'll be starting on clue 4 of "Secret of Bad Nauheim" this afternoon. I also want to continue working on my green sweater, since Andy went back to work on Monday I'll probably be working on that at night because I'm pretty sure he'll be going to bed earlier.

It's really nice and sunny today so I'll also be spending some time outside and do some work in my flower garden.


Peggy said...

Your blue blankie is looking great!!!!! Your kitty certainly seems to like it as well. Maybe he/she is seeing a new sleeping blanket? It is set to be sunny with a high of 60 f today and sunny and in the 70's f the next two days. Hopefully I'll get some of the 10 acres mowed!!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Cute kitty picture! Love that colour yarn.

roseygirl said...

I love the pic of your cat looking at the blanket it is just too CUTE! :)