Monday, December 8, 2008

What I've been up to

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted! I guess time got away from me! I'm feeling a lot better from my surgery, everything is healing quite well, looks like there won't be much scaring when all is said and done, not that I'll be going to a nudist beach any time soon lol! I'm doing more and more each day, Andy made sure I didn't do anything for 4 weeks! He was the greatest nurse a woman could ask for, he did all the cooking, laundry, housework and he even went grocery shopping!

I've been knitting a lot since there was not much else I could do,
one of my projects is this scarf,
I'm using bare wool from KnitPicks, I'll be dyeing it a chartreuse color (limey green)
when I'm done which should be by the end of December, it's really easy to knit.

I'm also working on these
two scarves, the blue one is for a friend's son

and the melon one is probably going to be for this friend,
hopefully done by Christmas.

I also finished this turquoise stole,
it's called "Way of Life" it's designed
by Birgit you can see some of her other the patterns here,
which I knitted for my daughter Cindy (here she is with her husband Mike)
don't they make the cutest couple!,
she chose the yarn color but I kept the pattern a secret, it was a KAL which lasted 8 weeks,
she really likes it.

There's a couple other projects I'm working on but I've put them aside while I finish
the scarves. I'm getting tired of having so many projects on the go, I'll have to do
something about that.

I will try and post more often from now on.


N. Maria said...

I am so happy to hear you are doing well! It looks like your kitty wants to help!!! :)
I truly don't think one can have too many projects going shows a loving person who wants to make things for people they care about....

Cindy said...

The KAL stole is beautiful! I love the way the pattern looks like knots weaving in and out of each other. Its so intricate and with the wool it is actually quite warm. I do love it! :)

And the scarf projects look great! The undyed wool scarf looks pretty and fun to make (with the pattern changes). The blue and melon scarves look awesome too. I'm sure they will be well received!

And don't worry too much about all the projects. It's kinda fun isn't it? Take care! :)

Maggie said...

I am very glad you are doing better. It looksa like you did get a lot of knitting done while recovering. Hope this cold weather and storms are not a problem in your area. Love the photos, Maggie in IL

Lucy said...

Hope everything continues to get better during 2009.

Have a happy new year.