Sunday, January 4, 2009

My knitting and life goals for 2009

I have quite a few projects on the needles and I'm really going to try and finish them before I start anything new (yeah, right!) I also want to knit from my stash before buying any new yarn (yeah, right!) but I will try, so here goes.


First of all I have to finish the following:
1. green lacy cardigan (65% done)
2. Kioto sweater (25% done)
3. 3 scarves (different stages)
4. Mystery stole 4 (95% done)
5. 2008 Swedish Calendar scarf (90% done)
6. St. Brigid sweater (25% done)
7. slippers for Andy (50% done)
8. Casablanca (75% done)
9. blue baby blanket
10. yellow baby blanket
11. and any other one I might find in my craft room ;)

I'm kind of dedicating the month of January to finish a lot of this knitting, no pressure. And I have a gazillion projects I'd like to do :) I'd like to do some sewing too, I made myself a couple pairs of pj's and I bought fabric to make one for Andy, I also want to make myself a few tops for the summer. All this should keep me out of trouble, lol!

Regarding my surgery, everything is healing really well, by this time next year it will be hard to see any scars, which does not bother me in the least! The operation has given me the incentive I needed and I really want to lose 20 pounds, not an easy feat since the only exercise I can do is walking, but I will give it my best shot.


Debbie said...

WEll, you've given yourself a task, and good luck finishing all those projects. I took a hat to work on, and ran out of yarn before finishing the decreases. So, have more yarn at home and will finish it soon.

Enjoy getting them done so you can start something new.

Maggie said...

I like to walk, and I can knit socks while walking--I just can't walk in cold weather--lousy lungs..
Good luck with the finishing up, my knitting project list is not as long but nothing is as close to done either. Hope it's a good month and I am very glad to hear you are healing well from your surgery.

Rachel said...

I should list my goals. Keep myself accountable and all. Glad your healing well from your surgery.

Rowan said...

Hi Sylvie,

I'm glad to hear you're healing well from your surgery!

I'm sorry I've taken so long writing something to you--I've taken just as long to update my own blog regarding my own breast reduction! I am an eternal slacker, it seems!

Nevertheless, I hope you continue down an easy road to recovery. It isn't easy, but it's so worth it!